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"Everyday a new idea would come to mind and I wanted more. I wanted to buy, make, wear and share."Impulse & Desire Jewelry is created on an impulse to buy and the desire to wear. I started making Jewelry in August 2007, after becoming engaged in July 2007. I was trying to think of a good way to make more money to pay for my wedding. Big disaster, I underestimated the cost, my impulses and the desires that build in me whenever I was around anything to do with crystals and beads. I was spending more than I was selling so it did not work out for the wedding. My love for crystals…Swarovski Crystals was an addiction that needed a fix every week. Yes, Swarovski Crystals was my choice of drug. No I didn’t crush them in little powders and smoked it down a pipe. I began creating and making jewelry. Everyday a new idea would come to mind and I wanted more. I wanted to buy, make, wear and share. I have been planning this website for so long now, from the beginning because I wanted to give more people the opportunity to help me feed my “Passion” and “Compulsion”.



Every piece is made with Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled Findings, otherwise it will be noted. So far I have not use any other findings except for sterling silver and gold-filled. My passion of course is Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver but I have found other beads that I thought I would never like. Beading is all about making it your own. I do love working with Lamp work Glass Beads, Genuine Gemstones, Pearls, and Venetian Glass Beads. Anything bead I love, so as long as I have the bead I will make the time. Seed bead weaving although time consuming, depending on what you are making is now a new passion of mine as well. It’s scary yes, but I try to learn a new style of beading as time permit me to. I have self-taught myself a lot of the beading styles. Some I didn’t know have already been done. I thought I developed my own style until I saw it in a book or magazine. I have learned from my mentor and supplier of habit Mickey from IBELLA BEADS. I love Mickey for always encouraging me and teaching me some new techniques. I enjoy getting my Bead and Button magazine, Art Bead Magazine, anything to do with beading I was a buyer of books, beads, and magazines. Thanks to all the other Artistic Beaders willing to share what they have learned and always adding a new twist to their design. I was never artistic in the sense of drawing, but I now feel I can express myself artistically in another way. BEADS.

the Impulse to buy    the Desire to wear

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